1. Where is the International Logistic Centre PREMAKO a.s. located?

International Logistic Centre (ILC) PREMAKO a.s. is located 2 km from the Ukrainian state border on the crossroad of the roads 555 and 552 in the neighbourhood of the city of Veľké Kapušany, close to the crossing station Maťovce/Užhorod. There is a wide gauge railroad crossing the ILC, which continues to US Steel Košice. GPS location : N48.33°   E22.6°.

2. What commodities can be transloaded in the ILC?
We transload :

3. What commodities cannot be transloaded in ILC?

It is not possible to transload loose materials from self-emptying wagons (choppers) and liquid substances.

4. Is it possible to store the freight in a sheltered warehouse or on the strengthened surface?

There is a possibility of storage in a sheltered warehouse, as well as on the opened strengthened surface, and in the customs warehouse. 

5. What transloading terminals exist in the ILC?

ILC is not divided into separate terminals. Individual terminals will be gradually constructed during the extending of the ILC. At this stage, we plan to build terminal for direct transloading, coal terminal, automobile terminal, timber and lumber terminal, and a terminal for tranloading of loose materials from choppers. As long as there is interest of the customers and investors we are ready to prepare a container terminal or a terminal for pumping of liquid substances. For the purpose of heavy freight and containers is going to be available overhead crane with the capacity of 35 tons in the first half of the year 2012. Due to increasing interest in transloading of covered wagons, will be built sheltered transloading platform used especially for this purpose as well as for loading of trucks. At the same time, we are planning to provide a special line for big-bag filling .

6. Is there an opened customs warehouse?

There is a public customs warehouse, type A in the ILC.

7. Is there a customs agency in Maťovce? Is it possible to do customs clearance during the entrance into the EU and EU transit?

All of the customs services, services of a tax representative included, are provided directly by PREMAKO a.s. The company has a contract with Tatra Bank to provide liability for the customs debt and its insurance by Union-insurance company.

8. Is there the Customs Office of SR in Maťovce?

There is a Customs Branch of Customs Office in Michalovce located in Maťovce, which provides during the whole week incessantly all of the customs operations necessary by the import, export, and transit.

9. What companies provide railroad transportation from Uzhgorod to Maťovce and operating of the rail spur of the ILC?

Currently, all of the activities are provided by ZSSK Cargo.
PREMAKO a.s. cooperates with other shippers, who are ready to provide their services.

10. How many trucks are at the disposal of PREMAKO a.s.?

The company does not own the trucks, however, it cooperates with more than 20 shippers from Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep., Ukraine. It provides transportation by all kinds of trucks.

11. What is the maximum weight of the freight which can be transloaded in the ITC?

Nowadays, it is possible to transload individual commodities up to the weight of 18 tons. For the purpose of transloading of heavy freight and containers, we will be using an overhead crane – since the first half of 2012– with the capacity of 35 tons.

12. Is it possible to transload oversized consignments?

Yes, it is possible, however, when transloading the oversized consignments being exported from the EU, the scheme of a load and fixation is necessary. The scheme is agreed on with the administrators of the Ukrainian Railways for a certain charge. In case of import, everything is provided by the ITC office.

13. What is the size of the sheltered spaces available for loading and transloading of the dry commodities?

Currently, we are able to provide 1 700 m² of the sheltered spaces. During the planned extending of the complex, we are intending to build also additional warehouses.

14. Is there a possibility of storing the goods with prescribed temperature/manipulation/storage?

Unfortunately, there are no appropriate spaces for this purpose.

15. What wagons of the wide gauge are used in the ILC?

We can arrange transloading into all of the wagon types, apart from the choppers and tankers.

16. What kinds of goods will it be possible to transload in the terminal for chopper transloading?

We are planning to enable transloading of the chemical products (e.g. fertilizers, road maintenance salt, urea, potassium salts, etc.). We should be able to transload also materials such as corn, sunflower seeds, wood pallets, etc.

17. What forwarders of the CIS cooperate with PREMAKO a.s.?

We cooperate with companies such as: TransRail, RailService, Novaja perevozočnaja kompanija, 1.a 2. Gruzovaja kompanija, Intertransgroup.

18. What duties does the ILC have in case of returning of the emptied wagons with 1520 mm gauge?
None. In case of the return of the wagons the ILC provides SMGS certificate. If the loading of the wide gauge wagons is requested, the ILC will provide loading and forwarding of the loaded wagons.

19. Does PREMAKO a.s. provide also the transport of containers?

PREMAKO a.s. provides naval and rail forwarding. Within its scope, we provide intermodal transport in the full extent, the CIS included. For these cases, we also provide the containers.

20. How is the shipment to the ILC performed? By trucks or by wagons?

The ILC is of a multimodal character. All the proceedings are carried out according to the wishes of our customer- either by trucks, or by wagons. The ILC provides complex service- transloading, storage, customs services, and also transportation of the freight to its final destination.

21. Does PREMAKO a.s. have its own contract with ZSSK CARGO or other reailway companies?

PREMAKO a.s. has signed the treaties about import prices with ZSSK CARGO and ČD CARGO. We keep contacts and cooperation also with prominent European forwarders and logistics companies.

22. Does the ILC Maťovce perform transloading of the private wagons of standard gauge, 1435 mm?

Yes, PREMAKO a.s. provides transloading and transport also in the private wagons. These wagons are supplied by the customer, or they can be supplied by PREMAKO a.s. for a rent charge.

23. What is the process of handing in and picking over of the loaded wagons arriving from the CIS countries?

The loaded wagons are handed in and picked over by the ILC employees of one side and the agents and engine drivers of the Ukrainian Railways whose workplace is on the Railway Station in Maťovce, of the other side.

24. Does wide gauge railroad Maťovce – Uzghorod have SMGS and CIM status?

On the Railway Station Maťovce, it is necessary to make a change of transport mode for the consignments which are transiting through the Slovak territory. In case of eastward consignments from SMGS regime to CIM regime and vice versa in case of the westward forwarding.Naturally, this change of the transport law is made in the ILC.

25. What general business terms, liability, and guarantees are available?

PREMAKO a.s. operates in accordance with the Forwarding Terms of the Association of Logistics and Forwarding of SR, as well as according to the Business Law and bilateral contracts with the customers. Since 2004 we have been following the quality management system according to the standards of: ISO 9001:2008.

26. Does PREMAKO a.s. have a liability insurance for freight forwarders?

PREMAKO has all the insurance necessary for the forwarding and transloading activity::

27. Is it possible to amend the freight before or after the shipment?

Yes, it is. The ILC provides also packing, re-packing, sorting and separation of the goods, palletisation and packetisation of the goods.

28. What other services besides transloading does the ILC provide?

The ILC provides, for example these services: representation in the customs processes, services of a tax representative, exchange of invoices, weighing of the freight by the hanging scales, issuing of the waybills, etc.

29. Does PREMAKO a.s. provide also logistic services?

PREMAKO a.s. offers services related to rail, road, and naval logistics.

32. What equipment is used by the transloading process?

ILC uses three gantry cranes with capacity of 10–20 tons, overhead crane, mobile crane, and hydraulic loaders.